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My new book 'Horse Track Systems: A How To Guide to a Healthier Horse in Body and Mind' was released end of November 2022 and is OUT NOW!!!

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A track system or 'Paddock Paradise' is an exciting new way of keeping horses that was created by Jaime Jackson, who spent years researching into horses' natural environments and studying how they live in the wild.

Rather than being turned out into paddocks, a track is fenced along the perimeter of the paddock, allowing for restricted grazing and increased movement.
Laminitis, colic, obesity, EMS and other equine health problems are on the rise and the majority of these are caused by incorrect management. A Track System looks back to nature, and aims to mimic this within a domesticated environment creating a way of living that is closer to what nature intended, and in turn, creating horses that are healthier in both body and mind.
In a nut shell, a track system:

  • Increases movement whilst reducing grass intake
  • Mimics the horse's natural environment
  • Allows horses to express their natural behaviour
  • Discourages vices and unwanted behaviour
  • Creates a stimulating and enriched environment for the horse
  • Allows 24/7 turnout 365 days a year
  • Has many health benefits including a lower risk of our most common health problems such as stomach ulcers and laminitis.
This book goes into detail about what a track system is and how you can create, build or improve your own track for either or your own horses or as a livery business, to create happier and healthier horses.

This book includes:
- What is a track system?
- Detailed descriptions and step by step instructions on different surface options and how to implement them
- Track system templates
- Introducing new horses on track
- Creating points of enrichment
- Running a track system as a business

And much much more!