Consultancy Reviews

"I recently consulted with Amy for some help with setting up our own track system.  I am so glad I did.  Amy was so helpful and informative she answered all of my questions, she clearly is very knowledgeable and experienced with horses and track systems.  She gave me great suggestions and ideas which I am now putting into place." - Karen Wiltshire

'I contacted Amy initially for advice on hay having just put my horses on a track for the first time. She was extremely knowledge and so helpful, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting her again !' - Tess Lewis

'I contacted Amy for advice on my track. She got back to me really quickly and has been so helpful. I'd hit a bit of a brick wall about what I was going to do next, but she has clarified it all. I now feel positive about what I'm doing and am so grateful. Thank you.' - Ceri Daugherty 

"Had a fantastic consultation with Amy  her help and advice has been immeasurably helpful in the planning for my own track, highly recommend"- Susannah Roberts

"I recently had a track consult with Amy over the phone and would highly recommend anyone who needs specific advice on their track plans to book an appointment with Amy. She was so friendly and professional, was able to answer all of my very specific questions and opened my eyes to some things I hadn’t considered before. It was a hugely worthwhile experience for me. Highly recommend!" - Ruth Sheely

"Yesterday I had the most amazing Consultation with the lovely Amy Dell.
If you are building a track, thinking about building one, already have a track, even if you don't have any worries or concerns and your track is working well, definitely consider booking a consultation with Amy.
Having never done a consultation before I was a little nervous and didn't really know what to expect but Amy was so helpful and easy to talk to, with years of experience and knowledge to share. 
I found the consultation really helpful and reassuring, especially being able to go through what we do now and our plans for the future! 
I would totally 100% recommend it!!' - Miss-Leigh Dee

"I cannot say enough about how helpful Amy has been during our consultation. She went above and beyond in regards to helping me with the administrative side of running a track. 
Starting a track is one thing, being successful is another. Learning from one another is how we will change the world for our horses. 
Amy is a true leader, and leaders encourage others to succeed. 
I am encouraged!!" - Leslie Holmes